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Discover the best Polish grocery stores

Discover the best Polish grocery stores

by ChristianOctober 11, 2015


TESCO is a global giant when it comes to retailing. In Poland, TESCO has over 5 million customers per week and houses Polish goods supplied by about 1500 various Polish providers. With its large, easy-to-shop-in premises and amiable staff, TESCO is your one-stop shop for every item you need. At TESCO, you can buy both international and local brands. The stores are equipped with broadcasting screen and offer weekly special discounts for their customers. TESCO has for its customers an assortment of health care products, household items, cutlery items, small furniture articles, appliances, clothing sections and much more.

Tesco Centrala
Kapelanka 56
30-347, Kraków


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