Germany is a very popular destination for tourists in Europe. It is famous for its sprawling complexes, majestic architecture and old structures. Places such as Munich and Berlin are visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. Needless to say, there are hundreds of shopping malls, branded outlets and famous locations spread all over Germany. Most retailers and shopping outlets understand that customers don’t always accept cash. That’s why almost every other shop in the country now accepts credit cards. Many shops have now begun to accept NFC payments as well, integrating services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in to their portfolios. Those who are ordering from online stores for the first time will also be pleased, since many of the online stores now support cash on delivery, rather than requiring customers to pay upfront.

Most German shopping centers and local shops in the country generally open by 10 AM. However, many general stores that offer basic items open much earlier, sometimes as early as 6 AM. By 10 AM, shopping centers and malls begin to operate at full capacity. People from all over the globe visit this country, and many shopping centers reflect that: you will find shops selling a wide variety of goods, such as clothing, food, electronics, cosmetics, toys etc.

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