POLOmarket has to be one of the most familiar names of Polish chain stores, even if you are not a native of Poland. This supermarket chain store has an indigenous origin and offers a large variety of products and services. The entire chain has a customer-base which comprises 8.6 million locals.
The smell of fresh breads and buns which are specifically made to suit quality standards in POLOmarket’s very own furnaces, saturate the air of the bakery-section. At POLOmarket, the vegetables and fruits are preserved using the highest safety and scrutiny measures to ensure that the customers relish nothing but garden-fresh, juicy gifts of nature. The meat section is vigilantly monitored to keep raw meat fresh and free from all anomalies. To lighten the burden on your expenses, POLOmarket always comes up with avant-garde ways. Raw meat at all these stores is often subject to discounts, which maybe up to 30 percent.
POLOmarket displays products which are not only popular and serve as key players in the market, but tends to offer brands which are also budget-friendly. From SUNMILK to BUDDY, POLOmarket has everything you need for yourself, and your pets.

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POLOmarket Centrala

ul. Giebnia 20
88-170, Pakość