International online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Also British and American people buy more and more goods at Polish online stores and order the desired goods cheaper than in their countries or they find completely new things that do not exist at home. In order to make your life simpler, we have in our international business directory a rich list of places where you can do online shopping in Poland (please check shipping options before you order). View suggested online stores below. Please click on the name to learn more in our directory and to visit the site.


Silver Art is a great jewelry online store, which also ships orders abroad. You will find there earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings and many other products made ​​of silver, gold or platinum, inlaid with precious stones. There you will find not only jewelry for women, but also for gentlemen.

Photo Accessories

FotCom ist the right shop for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. This Polish online store offers photo accessories from all areas: tripods, lenses, studio lighting, lamps, filters, flash, etc. FotCom supplies within the EU.

Wooden Toys

When it comes to wooden toys, the Polish brand Wooden Story is a good choice. The toy manufacturer offers its own online store where you can order wooden trucks, building block sets and other high quality and nicely wrapped toys easily. The site is available in English, offering international delivery.

Medicines and cosmetics

Sometimes you need something for your health or fitness. A good reference point could be Wapteka – a Polish online pharmacy. There you will find cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, hygiene products and other things that are not available in some cases in your country. You can also get the international known cosmetic brand Ziaja much cheaper than in UK, US or Germany. The Internet pharmacy will ship the goods into other European markets.


If you’re looking for clothing, leather bags, decoration, linen or jewelry, then check the offer of PranaShop. This online shop has a wide range of various garments, rings, bracelets, pillows, home equipment, and much more! All the goods will be delivered to Poland and many EU states.

Baby accessories

Black Blum is a young Polish manufacturer of baby accessories, which also leads an online shop. There you can directly order anything for your child: plush toys, bedding, play mats, toys and more. International shipping is possible.