Saturn is a chain of German electronics stores. The company’s stores are often seen from afar due to the fact that they are very well lit and pretty large in terms of size. The company sells a variety of home entertainment products, household appliances, physical media such as DVDs, Blu rays, gaming consoles, mobile phones and computers too. Saturn also has an exclusive agreement in place with Apple, Inc. This allows customers to buy Apple products at certain sections in the branch stores. Even though you can find Apple products at all of the other retailers on this list, they are mainly sold off the shelf.
The “store in store” policy implemented by Saturn allows the company to dedicate a particular section of their store and design it similar to Apple’s iconic store. You will find many Apple products up for demonstration, allowing you to check before you buy. Given the fact that Apple is the world’s largest tech company at present, this feature really sets Saturn apart from other stores in the list.